Our Story

Droit was founded in 2012 by Satya Pemmaraju, Anup Menon, and Brock Arnason, a team of veteran derivative traders, quants, ecommerce specialists and technologists with front-line experience and expertise with products, markets, regulations and systems.

We are a client-focused, financial technology firm focused on providing enterprise solutions for OTC derivative trading processes.

Our mission is to provide our clients with robust, enterprise infrastructure facilitating compliant and optimal trading of derivatives across asset classes, regulators, CCP’s and execution platforms.

Droit unifies pre-trade decision making in the front-office and post-trade compliance analysis with a common infrastructure, data and logic.

Our systems help our clients focus on key aspects of their daily business without distraction while ensuring that they “Trade Right”.

Our offices are located in New York and London.

Our Team


Satya Pemmaraju, PhD
Founding Partner, CEO

Prior to co-founding Droit, Satya was a Managing Director of FICC Trading at UBS. Post 2008, he was instrumental in helping create UBS’s funding desk focused on aggregating, managing and optimizing secured and unsecured derivatives funding risk across FICC trading. Satya has held various cross-asset derivatives trading roles including structured/contingent repo, Latam derivatives and structured notes. Prior to trading, Satya was a fixed income derivatives quant building pricing and risk management systems.

Satya has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Northwestern University and a B.S. from MIT.
Brock Arnason
Founding Partner, Head of Product and Strategic Alliances

Prior to founding Droit, Brock was an Executive Director of Fixed Income E-Commerce at Morgan Stanley. He was the global product manager of Matrix, Morgan Stanley’s client portal, and led SEF strategy and Dodd-Frank compliance programmes across ISG. Prior to Morgan Stanley, Brock worked at UBS as a technology manager for credit and interest rate derivatives.

Brock holds an M.Eng. and B.Sc. in Engineering Physics from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Our Values


We focus on the business of trading derivatives and use technology to facilitate the process of trading. We are driven by relevant business problems not by the latest technological fashions. Our approach is to constantly remain relevant by understanding the problems faced by traders, sales, middle-office, compliance and senior management across functions.


Our team is recognized for its established expertise in the derivatives world, having successfully delivered innovative programs both on the front-office side and from the technology side. We continue to hone our credibility through constant engagement with all the relevant institutions in the derivatives ecosystem: dealers, buy-side, CCP’s, SEF’s/MTF’s/OTF’s, regulators, legal firms, industry groups and other innovative technology vendors.


We build robust, innovative enterprise software and our measure of success is full delivery and integration into our clients business processes and infrastructure in a timely, transparent and cost-effective manner. Providing realistic estimates of time, labour and overall cost for delivering our products and truly delivering to those terms is a key driver of our value.


We are a client-driven financial technology firm: our innovative products are enriched through active dialogue with clients. The dialogue is both vertical, with the many different stakeholders within a single institution, as well as horizontal, across a broad swathe of institutions across the financial landscape.  We treat our clients as active collaborators in creating frameworks for the rapidly evolving landscape of the global derivatives business.